DP11 Block 1.2 – November 25th

Hi folks,

I am away at my grad like I told you. You have a quiz today, nothing you can really study for as we have been learning this for the past two months.

At 9:10am, the quiz will appear on my blog automatically as programmed. Download the file, fill in the blanks or click on the radio button for the appropriate answer. Save as pdf and hand in to the handin folder in the s:/ handin > Su_DP11 > 1.2

As always, Last name first initial. eg John Smith is SmithJ and them quiz2. SmithJquiz2.pdf

You will be getting a different quiz than 1.4 and this quiz will actually count this time for term I.

After the quiz, you have free time. Sorry folks, no cameras.

Be good to my TOC and see you Friday.

Circle of trust, if I can trust you when I am not there than I can trust you enough to loan you our cameras.

The quiz will appear at 9:10am on my blog.

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