Metering and Compensation

Create your photos. Follow the Making Adjustments PDF.

1. Create a quick collection with your photos.

2. You can rearrange your photos by dragging and dropping in the library module.

Go to the Web Module and select Airtight Simple Viewer.

3. Change your site title to your name photography.

4. Make sure the three metered photos and there exposure are side-by-side.

  • 3 Rows by 3 columns
  • Matrix, center-weight, a spot
  • Under-exposed, good exposure, over-exposed.

5. Change the caption to exposure.

6. Export to “firstinitiallastname-metering” to desktop.

7. Wait till the export is complete.

8. Test gallery by double-clicking on the index.html file.

9. Drag and drop to the s:/drive > Handin > Su > Photo _._ > Metering and Compensation.

Digital Workflow

Mastering a digital workflow is not an easy task, but in the productivity world it can save you time and money. Time is money and the quicker you can do the job – the more money you can make. So what is a digital workflow? Basically, a workflow is a step-by-step process of tasks that will lead you to the final or finished product. Remember, find the path of least resistance and a shortest distance is a straight line. However, when if comes to technology, as you may know, there are many different ways to accomplish the same task. This is where knowing a software package and its capabilities come in handy. Similarly, real world hands-on experience will prove invaluable to generating and mastering a digital workflow.

The concept of workflow is not restricted to digital applications or software. Think of an assembly line or the building of a house. You have to follow specific steps such as apply for a permit, excavate, build foundation, framing, and etc. Some steps you can bypass, but most steps have a sequential order. This is the same for a digital workflow.

Think about it and ask yourself, how can I apply this to my schooling?

Look at it from a backwards approach. This is where I need to go, how am I going to get there and then chart your course. This will make you experience more purposeful and less complicated – not to mention save you time to do other things.