IT 9 – Destination Imagination

Hi folks,

Today, you and your group need to decide which challenge your group is going to tackle. Please include this info into our shared google docs file. At this point, you and your group should have read through all the challenges and discussed which two are the best challenges that meet your groups interests as well as strengths. That said, you need to feel comfortable about taking risks.

After you have evaluated the two and discussed in-depth, now it is time to choose one. Remember, once your group decides the decision is final and your group has to see it through.

Draw up a proposal with a framework and a timeline. Assign roles and ensure that everyone participates. This is a collaborative effort. Have one person create a calendar and share it with the group and myself.

At the end of class, have one group member email me to give me a progress report – include all documents, proposals and research.

Sharing is caring – Info Tech 9

In a collaborative environment, sharing the work load and research is important in helping each other improve productivity.

Please share some links by posting the urls you have been looking at. Also, describe the value of information associated with this link.

Here are some examples, have a look at the amount of work and thought put into the planning process.

Peer Assessment

Please provide a peer assessment for you and your group members.

Assessment A – Presentation

1. Presentation topic

2. Group members

3. Mark out of 10 for you and each group member contribution to the project.

Assessment B

1. Term I missions complete

2. Mark out of 10 for you and each group member

3. What you think you deserve for the term?

4. Rationale

Remember this is confidential.