DI Students meet George Abbott (Minister of Education)

Digital Immersion Students with George Abbott

It was an honour to meet our new Minister of Education, George Abbott, and present our Digital Immersion program to members of the Ministry and the Vancouver Board of Education. The DI students did a job of explaining how learning has changed for them aligned with technology as well as the positive experiences associated with the program.

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Digital Immersion Program featured on BC Youtube Channel

I am very honoured and humbled to be featured on the Province of BC Youtube channel administered by the Government of BC. During this lesson, I was in the process of making a promotion video with my Digital Immersion students titled, “Digital Immersion was my Idea” for the Vancouver School Board website. The video was actually Ben Segall’s idea and it was a hit. Why write a short essay or blurb that only a few will read, when you can make a short video that will engage an audience?

Thanks to Rod and Jen at gov.bc.ca for putting this together!

Listen to my unedited podcast:

DI Description Podcast