DP – Good Morning

Away this morning as you may suspect.

Things to do:
1. Hand in your composites, if you haven’t already.
2. Finish your ICBC Ad and 200 word creative notes.
3. Optimize 10 images from Girl’s Joker Classic and 10 images from the Boy’s Joker Classic.

Hand all assignments in to the Handin folder on the S:/ drive.

For #3: Optimize Photos.

Post-production work is a very important skill to master. It can be the difference between an amateur from a professional.

Every photo is unique and every photo has the potential for different variation for its final product.

1. Import photos to Lightroom from the S:/ drive under Joker Classic. There should be 2000+ pictures.

2. Choose 10 photos that you fancy, but don’t limit yourself.

3. Create a quick collection. (Press B)

4. To toggle between views. G for grid, E for loupe, D for develop.

5. Generate a workflow in Develop Module.

6. Start with the White Balance, that is the single most drastic change. Then, tweek the Exposure and adjustment sliders.

7. Move down the adjustment tools.

8. Compare the before and after.

9. Check the composition, crop if you think a better composition canbe achieved. (R for Crop)

10. Finish and create a web gallery. Export to the desktop and move to the Handin.

*This assignment is due this Thursday.

I will be in before lunch.

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