Student Reflections from BCSSA 2010

John Oliver is very fortunate to have four of our stakeholders attend this year’s BCSSAA Fall Conference. A ┬álot of information was transmitted and as they attempt to process and reflect upon the day, they offer some of their thoughts and feelings regarding personalized learning and 21st Century Learning.

Big Thanks to Superintendents, Steve Cardwell and Jordan Tinney, for extending the invitation to our students – the only students at the conference.

Off to Victoria for the BCSSA Conference

Very excited and honored to have the opportunity to go to Victoria for the BCSSA conference. With me are four students who will participate in the discussions around 21st century learning, personalized learning and the future of public school education in British Columbia.

A couple of my students will be video podcasting their thoughts and ideas surrounding their experience and the discussions that took place in their round table facilitated by experts and district superintendents. At the end they will offer a reflection that will summarize the two day event and give their take from a young high school student’s perspective.

Egg Zorb – Absorb

As a prelude to our Desination Imagination challenge, I decide to challenge my students with an oldie but a goodie for fun and some team building.

DI students and Mini 9 IT students tackle the Egg Zorb challenge. The students need to draw their team logo on their egg, then build a capsule to house the egg that will eventually go out the window and down to the ground.

Lesson Plan Outline:

Egg Zorb
Purpose: Discuss, design, plan, do. Team Building, time management, collaboration and communication.
Time Limit: 60 mins
1 – note paper
1 – design sheet
1 – egg
1 – 1 metre piece of tape
10 – 8X11 sheet of paper
1 – electronic scale
1 – tape measure
1 – metre stick

Challenge 1

Decorate your egg with your team name logo. You must do so without smudging the colour unless it is on purpose.
Make sure Mr. Su takes a picture
Challenge 2
Design your capsule.
You must present and discuss your method and rationale
Challenge 3
Weigh your egg and record all measurement
Challenge 4
Build your capsule and place the egg inside
Measure the total weight
Challenge 5
Measure height of fall

Challenge 6

Challenge 7 – Super bonus
Do the math
Force on impact
Bonus: Coefficient of friction
Some beautifully designed zorb/capsule/wrappers.
Some great discussion and team building.
Some great art.
A ton of fun!!!