Students interested in being a part of the SPRING SPORTS SEASON of inter-high school athletics teams are invited to sign up on-line at the link below. The specific SPRING Sports offered at JO are listed on the on-line questionnaire; sports not listed may be in another season (ie. Fall or Winter). This sign-up, along with availability of coaches, will determine what sports/teams may actually run. Further details on tryouts/first practices will be posted separately on ALL STUDENTS TEAMS. Online Registration/sign up for WINTER Sports closes 4pm noon February 17, 2023.
LEVELS: (please register for your appropriate sport level)
Bantam = only grade 8s are eligible
Juvenile = up to and including grade 9s are eligible
Junior = up to and including grade 10s are eligible
Senior = generally grade 11s & 12s, all grades are eligible

*Important/please note: any student wishing to sign up/try out for a level above their own specific grade level must meet the following criteria:
– advanced skill level appropriate to the more advanced age group
– parent/guardian consent
– approval of coaches/Athletic Director

VSSAA Spring Sports include: Girls Soccer (all grades), Girls Softball (all grades), Boys Volleyball (grade 8 & 9 only), Boys Rugby (grade 10,11,12 only), CoEd Badminton (all grades), CoEd Ultimate (all grades), CoEd Mountain Biking (all grades), CoEd Competitive Golf (all grades)
Further information can be requested at ptlee@vsb.bc.ca or room 115

We look forward to working with you!


With the weather forecast calling for significant snowfall this evening into Tuesday morning and in the interests of safety of students and coaches travelling to the school, all sports practices scheduled for Tuesday, December 20 are cancelled.
The forecast should look ok for practices to resume Wednesday and Thursday.