If Early Dismissals from regular class time are required, Teacher Coaches/Sponsors are to publish (ONLY JO Teaching Staff are able to do this):
–  a list of student names
–  the destination school
–  the date of the early dismissal
–  the time of the early dismissal needed
in the JO STAFF/STUDENT BULLETIN; wherever possible this should be done at least two full school days in advance so that teachers have appropriate notice.
(This is the preferred/recommended procedure over filling out individual yellow administrative slips, which can be altered or lost)

Recommended Early Dismissal Times from JO via transit (for 3:45pm game start time/3:30pm arrival for warm up) to:
(click on school name for GOOGLE MAPS DIRECTIONS)

Britannia Secondary School  – 2:10 pm
Charles Tupper Secondary School  – 2:40 pm
Churchill Secondary School – 2:40 pm
David Thompson Secondary School – 2:40 pm
Eric Hamber Secondary School – 2:40 pm
Gladstone Secondary School  – 2:15 pm
Killarney Secondary School – 2:40 pm
King George Secondary School  – 2:15 pm
Kitsilano Secondary School – 2:15 pm
Lord Byng Secondary School – 2:15 pm
Magee Secondary School – 2:30 pm
Point Grey Secondary School – 2:35 pm
Prince of Wales Secondary School  – 2:20 pm
Templeton Secondary School – 2:00 pm
University Hill Secondary School – 2:15 pm
Vancouver Technical Secondary – 2:20 pm
Windermere Secondary School  – 2:15 pm