President:  Rachel Labrador
Vice-President:  Jacob Soriano
Secretary/Treasurer:  Kaila Fong
Boys Reps:  Louis Le, Jujhar Minhas
Girls Reps:  Nikki Espiritu, Chanice Noquiera
Members-At-Large:  Vista Ashtari, Vincent Bucud, Carlo Derigay,
Ena Favila, Phina Tu
Staff Sponsors:
Mr. Don Jabillo, Ms. Kendall Matheson,
Mr. Pat Lee (Athletic Director)

JO’s BLOCK CLUB is one of the longest-serving of its kind in the province.  The BLOCK CLUB’s focus includes participation in the school’s athletics program, exemplifying leadership and positive citizenship, fostering school spirit, and providing service and support to the overall JO Athletics Program.  JO Block Club members are student-athletes, as well as  as officials, managers, and coaches.

A JO student is automatically enrolled in the BLOCK CLUB when they participate on one of the school’s sports teams, or provides volunteerism and service through activities like the Officials Club or assisting as a manager or student-coach on a team.  In other words, ALL JO student-athletes, managers, and officials are members of the BLOCK CLUB.

When the following levels of points are achieved, students receive their JO BLOCKS:
–  5 points:  Small Block
–  10 points:  Big Block
–  13 points:  Big Block 1
–  16 points:  Big Block 2
–  19 points:  Big Block 3
* special pins (Gold, Silver, and Commemoratives) are also awarded to those students at graduation who have provided exemplary service to the BLOCK CLUB and John Oliver Athletics

One (1) point is awarded for participating on a recognized school sports team.

Partial points are awarded for service in the Officials Club (up to 1 full point per 4+ games worked per season) and/or managing a team (0.5 to 1 full point), at the discretion of the Officials Club Sponsor, team coach/sponsor, and/or Athletic Director.

0.5 points are awarded for participating in the indoor track meet in grade 8 and grade 9.

Additional points are also achieved through serving as part of the BLOCK CLUB Student Executive:
President – leads the Block Club; chairs Block Club student meetings; carries a vote in the event of a tie; oversees vision and direction of club; plans the year’s spirit events including annual grade 8/9 indoor track meet; serves as a student representative on the school’s Athletic Board; assists in JO Athletics awards and recognition
Vice President – assists the President in their responsibilities and leadership; assumes the roles and duties of the President in the event the President is unable to do so; acts an an alternate on the school’s Athletic Board; assists in JO Athletics awards and recognition; liaises with the school’s Officials Club
Secretary-Treasurer – maintains financial records and budget of the Block Club as well as cumulative records of Block Club points accrued, assists in the planning and staging of athletics awards, recognition, and blocks; maintains minutes of meetings and assists in any administrative work of the Block Club
Boys Rep/Girls Reps – act as a liaison and representative between student-athletes and the Block Club Executive/JO Athletic Board, as well as with larger issues that fall under the John Oliver Athletics Program; liaise with each sports team regarding photos and team info.
Members-At-Large – assist where needed with the above duties; Block Club Pep Rallies, Spirit Events, Indoor Track Meet.

Past Block Club Executive (2019-20):

Past Block Club Executive (2018-19):