Carleton Elementary School – Photos from 1914 – 1959, contributed by Bobbi Senft. (Bobbi was school secretary at Carleton for many years.)

(Photo above) Carleton student, Beverley Dean, presents a bouquet of flowers to Queen Elizabeth during a one-day Royal Tour of Vancouver. King George VI stands ready at the car door.

This was an unscheduled stop ordered by King George VI after he caught sight of Beverley on a viewing stand holding the bouquet. The stop happened on Kingsway Road next to Carleton School, and was seen by the Carleton pupils and staff assembled nearby. A memorable moment.




Date: 1914


Date: 1920s


Date: 1920s


Date: 1920s


Date: 1923     Staff Picnic


Date: 1925


Date: 1926          Miss Hindle’s class


Date: 1927          Miss Warden’s class


Date: 1928          Miss McLeod’s class


                                                      Date: 1939          Carleton student, Beverley Dean, presents a bouquet to Queen Elizabeth.


Date: 1942           Carleton School Staff


Date: 1943          Miss Hindle’s class


Date: 1948          Miss MacRae’s class


Date: 1949          Miss MacRae’s class


Date: 1949


Date: 1950          Miss Turnbull’s class


Date: 1950          School Staff


Date: 1955


Date: 1956


Date: 1957


Date: 1958


Date: 1959          School Staff


Date: 1959


Date: ?          School Choir