Weather School~ Yay!

With the holidays, getting sick and being back at school, I have had trouble finding the time to update our blog. I have made time to update this weekend but in the meantime, here are the links to watch us at weather school!


January 16th, 2014 at CTV BC

Please note you may not be able to view the videos with Google Chrome.

One thought on “Weather School~ Yay!

  1. Back in December, when Ms. Griffiths put CTV Weather School up on the “Planner Events” board I was so happy to see that our class was going, and that we won the draw for one of our 2 dates that we chose! (Secret…) When we went it was so exciting to see News Reporters like, Tamara Taggart (Former CTV Meteorologist) and Mike Killeen who are the 6pm news anchors for weekdays. When we were about to leave I had a chance to say hi to Tamara Taggart. It was Amazing! I even got my picture that I sent Michael Kuss back in October 2012. He wrote “Amazing Picture!” I never wanted to leave the studio. I hope I become a Reporter there in the Near Future!

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