I’m Bored…

no more im bored

Follow your passion! Entertain yourself! Explore the world around you!


  • Create a piece of art
  • Make a hexaflexagon
  • Get the classroom camera and challenge yourself to take 10 interesting pictures while standing in one spot *you can only take 10 pictures! decide before your click!
  • Design a new world
  • Create your own game (boardgame, gym game, computer game)
  • Create a science experiment


  • Doodle – Challenge yourself to combine art, math and plants!


  • Organize the classroom library
  • Help in the school library
  • Collect all the recycling around the school
  • Visit one of the primary classrooms and help out
  • Do a lap around the school and collect garbage along your way
  • Practice your typing skills with All the Right Type
  • Move on to the next Math card
  • Move on to the next Geometry card
  • Research a country that begins with the same letter as your first name
  • Investigate how far your breakfast/lunch/dinner traveled from farm to plate
  • Try to solve one of the many issues facing our world today…
  • Read a book



The possibilities are endless! The only limit is your imagination!