I’m Worried About… Social Emotional & Learning Concerns


Here is an article about dealing with the stigma attached to mental illness and children.

General Concerns

Here is an article on “Occupational Therapy, Autism & Tactics of Self-Regulation”. It includes this great diagram of activities to do when a child’s engine is running high or running low.


You can also refer to the Society for Children’s Mental Health.

Here is another good article about Mental Illness and Your Child.

Please consult your child’s doctor for a professional opinion on what may be impacting your child.

Learning Challenges

Understanding Learning Disabilities

Here is some information from the Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver.

The VSB also has an extensive list of resources.


BC Children’s Hospital ADHD Program

Children & Adults with ADD


Try reading this Anxiety Article.

Other resources include:

Anxiety BC

Centre for Emotional Health

If you have concerns around anxiety and other mental health issues, contact Vancouver’s Child and Youth Mental Health’s central intake number at (604) 675-3895 and request either a referral or professional consultation.

Autism & Asperger’s

Autism Society of BC

The BC Government’s “A Parent’s Handbook: Your Guide to Autism Programs” is a highly recommended resource.

My Asperger’s Child

Central Auditory Processing Disorder

CAPD Booklet from BC Children’s Hospital

CAPD, Centre for ADHD Awareness Canada

Auditory Processing Disorder, KidsHealth


BC Learning Centre for Children with Dyslexia

Dyslexia Vancouver

Other Ideas

Again, please consult with your child’s doctor on what would be best for your child.

Pacific Riding for Developing Abilities*

*They have a site in nearby Southlands.

Chi Kids

SuperFlexSocial Thinking are programs that encourage children to become social detectives and be more aware of expected behaviours.

The government also has a program called “Friends for Life” that is for parents and teachers.


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