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“My vision of the future is no longer of people taking exams and proceeding on that verification from that secondary school to the university,

but of individuals passing from one stage of independence to a higher [one],

by means of their own activity, through their own effort or will,

which constitutes the inner evolution of the individual.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

Fostering the confidence and independence of your child happens at home and at school. At school, I will do my best to encourage your child to be independent and confident. They do work with activities such as cleaning, caring for the class pet, planning a field trip, and learning how to solve friendship problems.

At home, you can encourage your child’s independence and confidence with activities such as:

  • cooking
  • doing their laundry
  • planning a family outing
  • gardening
  • washing the car
  • taking the bus
  • knitting
  • and so much more!

Suggestions for indoor activities from the North American Montessori Center.

Suggestions for outdoor activities from the North American Montessori Center.

Here is a list of 101 Things Parents Can Do to Help Children from the Montessori Foundation.

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