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Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History

“A team of historians have been trying to solve some historical “cold cases” — old crimes in which the guilty ones walked, and even more insidious crimes where a whole village may have been complicit. There are other mysteries too, about unusual cases from the Viking age to the Klondike Gold Rush.”

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Uncovering Colonial BC with The Governor’s Letters

“When the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia were created, the governors were ordered to report “everything of interest” to the Colonial Office in London, England. With several gold rushes, conflicts with aboriginal people, a near war with the United States, ships wrecked, treaties signed, murders committed and murderers hanged, towns created and other towns destroyed… the governors were busy getting it all down in the letters, which they called “the Colonial Despatches.””

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Golden Mountain Quest

This “video game enables players to experience life as a Chinese Canadian youth in 1910, and explore historically accurate culture in the fictional town of Gold Mountain.”

Harlem Renaissance

20th Century


“It can be pretty confusing trying to figure out which level of government is responsible for providing which programs and services.  Take a closer look at the responsibilities of the federal, provincial and municipal governments and find out who does what.”

“Learn all about all the different stages a bill goes through on its way to becoming a law.”

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