Summer Suggestions

Here are some suggestions about what to do in the summer from Positive Discipline A – Z: A 1001 Solutions to Everyday Parenting Problems.

  1. Plan ahead. “With the kids, brainstorm a list of ideas for those times when they feel bored.”
  2. “Talk with the kids to find out what they are thinking about how they will spend vacation…..Work with them to figure out times they can do what is important to them.”
  3. “Set up and maintain a routine, even if it’s different from the rest of the year. Make sure the kids are involved in planning the routine.”
  4. “Spend some time each day alone with each child doing something that you both enjoy or just being together.” “Make it clear to them that this is not complaint time, but share time.”
  5. “Set up a chore time where everyone works together and forget about trying to clean during the rest of the day.”
  6. “Do not underestimate the importance of downtime for children to meditate, contemplate, or simply rest.”
  7. “Kids need to be with friends during the summer…..Sometimes it is easy to work a trade with another family so the kids have a place to stay where there is a grown-up available.”
  8. “Involve your kids in setting limits for TV viewing and turn it off when it’s not TV time.”
  9. “Check your local resources for lessons, special programs, or summer activities. Be sure to involve the kids in making decisions before you sign them up.”
  10. “Plan some special outings and rituals that are for summer only…”

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