Going Out

The students are extremely eager to get out and explore the world around them!

Here are just some of the ideas that they have had for field trips:

  • Science World
  • Planetarium
  • Van Dusen Gardens
  • UBC Botanical Gardens
  • Victoria
  • Rock Climbing
  • Britannia Mine
  • Go-Karting
  • Playland
  • Castle Fun Park
  • Bowling
  • Tubing (we’re working on this as a class organized field trip)

Unfortunately, we won’t be able to do everything. If there is a field trip you really want to take…

i) Pick the location.

ii) Plan your personal field trip including your study plan. Make a proposal to your parents.

  • Why do you want to go?
  • What are you going to study?
  • How are you going to share your learning?

iii) Ask your parents if they can take you on your field trip.

iv) Share your proposal with Ms. G.

v) Go on your field trip!

vi) Share your learning with Ms. G or the entire class!

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