Classroom Pet

bc spca

We have taken time to consider and discuss what the most appropriate classroom pet would be. We looked at and discussed the BC SPCA’s guidelines for classroom pets. In the end, our compromise was to get a hamster* from the SPCA.

*The current classroom cage is the right size for a hamster. Any other animal would require a new cage.

I have contacted the SPCA and they directed me to their “Pet Search” adoption web site. Here is further information on “How to Adopt an Animal“.

The most important element is that this animal should be adopted by a family who is willing to take responsibility for the animal over the holidays and on weekends.Of course we will try to share the responsibility of weekend care but we need a family willing to take the animal if no one else is able.

If you and your family are interested in adopting an animal and lending it to the classroom for the school year, please let me know! Thank you!

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