Magee Garden Club Visit

We were so happy to have the Magee Garden Club come and visit us last week. They shared with us the opportunities available for helping the environment in high school AND they taught us about what we could grow in every season – including winter!


They also took us on a tour of their garden. Photographs taken by students.IMG_3543IMG_3531IMG_3540IMG_3530IMG_3535IMG_3527

Then they helped us put a cover of leaves on our beds to keep them warm in the winter.

IMG_3546 Before,


IMG_3554 after

and in between.


IMG_3551      IMG_3544

Take Me Outside to the Maple Grove Garden!


last week our class helped out with the school garden. We helped by building a new compost, picking lettuce, and then cleaning it, cutting down old rasbery cane and planting garlic. I helped out with almost every thing accept building the compost but I helped take out the old one. Ms. G’s parents came and helped out with building the compost and planting galic. Gardening was a lot more fun then I thought it would be. I thougt it would be hard making new beds for the garlic and picking lettuce but it was fun. I really enjoyed gardening and I hope we can do it agin! by RL






And in between…

IMG_3294 IMG_3296 IMG_3300 IMG_3313  IMG_3322 IMG_3335IMG_3333 IMG_3348 IMG_3350 IMG_3352 IMG_3355 IMG_3369 IMG_3368 IMG_3358IMG_3377 IMG_3356


IMG_3391 IMG_3392