Are you a Mouse, a Dog or an Alligator?

Last week, we were lucky to have Mr. S come and talk to the class about styles of communication.

We focused on the three basic styles; passive, assertive and aggressive. To help us better understand these types, Mr. S gave us animal examples.


Passive Mouse

  • talks softly
  • avoids eye contact
  • has trouble saying no
  • does not stand up for their rights


Assertive Dog

  • firm, clear voice
  • makes good eye contact
  • able to express their needs
  • stand up straight
  • respect the opinions of others


Aggressive Alligator

  • loud voice
  • stares at people
  • always get their way
  • invades people’s spaces
  • hurts others with their mean words and actions
  • disrespectful
  • can be abusive

To end our session, the students created their own skits to illustrate the three styles of communication. Here are some screen shots.

skit 1 skit 2 skit 3 skit 4 skit 5 skit 6

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