Mrs. Greig's Science Classes

What did we learn today?

   Oct 11

Additional Help

Please make use of tutorial time, 8:35 to 8:55 every morning. Drop by to ask questions, get clarification, or use the room space to work on any course assignments or projects.

Science 8

We will not be relying on the textbook for information and practice questions this year, but please use it for extra support.

You have been issued an older Science 8 textbook “BC Science 8”. We will be covering some, but not all of the topics covered in this book and we will also be learning topics that are not included in this book. If you need some help finding the corresponding chapter(s), please come and see me.
A class set of the newer textbook “BC Science Connections” is in A105 and you are most welcome to use a copy while in the classroom. I also have a workbook that companions this textbook if you would like to have a look at it.

Chemistry 11

The optional “Hebden Workbook For Students” is a great resource for enhancing class lessons as well as for an abundance of practice questions. The answers are provided in the back of the book so you can continually assess your understanding of the concepts as you go.

“Heath Chemistry” also provides lesson information and practice questions. Please see me if you would like to sign out a copy for the year. Answers are not provided in the textbook, but you can see me anytime for them.