Mrs. Greig's Science Classes

What did we learn today?

   Sep 07

Chemistry 11 Day 2

Thursday Sept 19th
Short class due to Terry Fox Run and Parent Walkabout
Practice with observation and inference
Equipment Quiz for all during class
Safety Quiz for minis in the am
First experiment on Wednesday next week

Tuesday Sept 17th
New Learning Intentions Sheet: How Do Chemists Investigate Matter?
Review of name and use of common chemistry lab equipment
Difference between observation and inference
Safety Quiz: Thursday after 8am for minis
Equipment Quiz: Thursday for all during class
Most likely a lab on Wednesday (possibly Friday) next week

Friday Sept 13th
Results from safety quiz. If you need to re-write you can do so during tutorial time
Equipment used in chemistry: names and uses, complete for next day
We will go over the worksheet next class
Quiz will be next week.
“Who Am I?” Identify which of the first 20 elements is being described

Wednesday Sept. 11th
International safety symbols (household)
WHMIS safety symbols (GHS) Globally Harmonized System
Write safety quiz

Monday Sept. 9th
Review safety activity worksheet
Complete for Wednesday
Safety quiz on Wednesday, 30 multiple choice questions. You must get at least 26/30 or you will need to re-write

Thurs Sept. 5th
Discuss Chem 11 goal for the year
Hand out course outline, take home and get signed
Distribute Heath textbooks if wanted
Start Safety unit (Mini school students to complete and be ready to do Safety Quiz upon their return. We will set a date and time for everyone to write together.)