Mrs. Greig's Science Classes

What did we learn today?

   Sep 07

Chemistry 11 Day 2

Friday Nov 20th
Nomenclature summative
Begin next unit: What is meaningful measurement?
Decide on a day for the optional Term 1 summative

Wednesday Nov 20th
Quiz on nomenclature
Complete lab report
Active study for summative next class
Nomenclature summative Friday Nov 22

Monday Nov 18th
Lab: Determining the melting and solidification point of a pure substance
Day 1: do the experiment
Continue with practice on nomenclature
Quiz next class (Wednesday)
Nomenclature summative Friday Nov 22

Thursday Nov 14th
Return all marked assignments and summative
Practice nomenclature together using the whiteboards
Lab prep for “melting point of a pure substance” lab to begin on Monday
Nomenclature summative Friday Nov 22

Tuesday Nov 12th
Last day to work on Milk to Glue lab
Continue with naming compounds and writing formulas
ionic compounds with polyatomic ions, hydrates, covalent compounds, and acids
Practice worksheets
Quiz to come

Wednesday Nov 6th
Test glue strength, complete lab report and start next unit “How do chemists classify and name chemical compounds?”
Focus on binary ionic compounds with single and multi-talent metals
Practice worksheets (answers posted)

Monday Nov 4th
Day 2 of lab summative

Thursday Oct 31st
Day 1 of lab summative

Tuesday Oct 29th
Written summative on “How do chemists classify matter?”
Discussion of lab summative which will begin on Thursday

Thursday Oct 24th
Tidy up all lab reports and submit for assessment
Written summative next class Tuesday Oct 29th

Tuesday Oct 22nd
Chromatography Lab
Written Summative Tuesday Oct 29th

Friday Oct 18th
Separating Mixtures: Stations Lab Day 2

Wednesday Oct 16th
Separating Mixtures: Stations Lab Day 1

Friday Oct 11th
Tidy up everything from the last 2 days

Wednesday Oct 9th
Continue with work from last day

Monday Oct 7th
Quiz on hypothesis writing and observations
complete lab reports from last week
work on vocabulary matching and classifying matter worksheets

Thursday Oct 3rd
Classification of matter
Physical and chemical changes
Lab: Observing Chemical and Physical Changes
collect data and complete report(s) next week

Tuesday Oct 1
Discussion of: properties of matter, physical, chemical, intensive, extensive
Lab: Chemists analyze experimental results
collect data and begin analysis

Friday Sept 27th
Practice writing a hypothesis worksheet
Complete lab report and submit for assessment

Wednesday Sept 25th
Lab: Chemists make observations
complete procedure and try to complete the analysis
You will be given some time on Friday to complete the lab report.

Monday Sept 23rd
Safety quiz returned (please set a date to re-write if necessary)
Equipment quiz returned? Anyone need to write?
Review of assignment on observation and inference from last day
Hypothesis writing, Law and Theory discuss together
Lab prep for Wednesday: Act 1b. Chemists make observations
(Lab reports are to be kept in A105)
Lab on Wednesday

Thursday Sept 19th
Short class due to Terry Fox Run and Parent Walkabout
Practice with observation and inference
Equipment Quiz for all during class
Safety Quiz for minis in the am
First experiment on Wednesday next week

Tuesday Sept 17th
New Learning Intentions Sheet: How Do Chemists Investigate Matter?
Review of name and use of common chemistry lab equipment
Difference between observation and inference
Safety Quiz: Thursday after 8am for minis
Equipment Quiz: Thursday for all during class
Most likely a lab on Wednesday (possibly Friday) next week

Friday Sept 13th
Results from safety quiz. If you need to re-write you can do so during tutorial time
Equipment used in chemistry: names and uses, complete for next day
We will go over the worksheet next class
Quiz will be next week.
“Who Am I?” Identify which of the first 20 elements is being described

Wednesday Sept. 11th
International safety symbols (household)
WHMIS safety symbols (GHS) Globally Harmonized System
Write safety quiz

Monday Sept. 9th
Review safety activity worksheet
Complete for Wednesday
Safety quiz on Wednesday, 30 multiple choice questions. You must get at least 26/30 or you will need to re-write

Thurs Sept. 5th
Discuss Chem 11 goal for the year
Hand out course outline, take home and get signed
Distribute Heath textbooks if wanted
Start Safety unit (Mini school students to complete and be ready to do Safety Quiz upon their return. We will set a date and time for everyone to write together.)