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   Oct 25

Science 8 Day 1

Please check out our Team in Office 365.
This is where the learning will be happening during this very different time.
All of you should be entered as part of our Science 8 team. If not, please email me
We should be up and running with some lessons next week? Hopeful!

Happy Spring Break!

Thursday March 12th
Practice with parts of the eye
Rods and cones, near and far vision, corrective lenses

Tuesday March 10th
I can see clearly now the light is bent
Introduction to the parts of the eye
Diagram and vocabulary

Friday March 6th
Assessment on using and creating diagrams through learning about light as a wave and light as a particle.

Wednesday March 4th
Summary of light: wave model and colour, particle model and mirrors and lenses
Write comments for report cards
Summative next class?

Monday March 2nd
Experiment with curved lenses
Drawing diagrams of the refraction of light through curved lenses
Practice worksheet

Thursday Feb 27th
Refraction of light through a plexiglass block: activity and diagram
Practice worksheet on the refraction of light

Tuesday Feb 25th
How does light behave when it hits curved mirrors?
Concave and convex mirrors: experiment with light rays and draw diagrams to explain observations
Summary of mirrors: complete a table

Friday Feb 21st
Review law of reflection (handout assignment)
Mark assignment in class
Extra assignment for homework (check showcase for answers)

Wednesday Feb 19th
Experiment to determine the law of reflection for a plane mirror
associated vocabulary terms for rays and angles
Hand in assignment and electromagnetic spectrum if not already done so

Thursday Feb 13th
Introduction to: They do it all with mirrors and lenses
The ray (particle) model of light helps us explain:
What happens when light hits an object?
Transparent, translucent, and opaque materials
How shadows are formed
Please try to bring a straight edge and a protractor to class from now on

Tuesday Feb 11th
Disease cards returned
Polarizing sunglasses and how they work
Summary of the wave model of light and how it helps us to understand colour
Electromagnetic spectrum
Assignment: complete the diagram of the electromagnetic spectrum indicating how we use the various wavelengths of energy in our everyday lives

Friday Feb 7th
Colours we see
Additive colours of light
Subtractive colours of pigment
Light filters

Wednesday Feb 5th
Discuss rainbows, visible spectrum and light prints of elements
1-2 and 1-1 course planning sign up

Monday Feb 3rd
Rainbows, spectroscopes and light prints
Activity: colour and wavelength
Activity: using light prints to identify elements present
Both these activities are to be completed for next cay for 1-2 and 1-1
Don’t forget to bring a completed, signed course planning sheet we will be visiting the computer lab next week

1-3 course planning sign up

Thursday Jan 30th
Types of waves: transform, compression
Below will be covered next class
Rainbows, spectroscopes and light prints
Activity: colour and wavelength
Activity: using light prints to identify elements present
Don’t forget to bring a completed, signed course planning sheet we will be visiting the computer lab next week

Tuesday Jan 28th
Introduction to light: “Why does my lab coat appear white”
Learning Intentions sheet
Light as a wave: discussion of the properties of waves
2nd half of class to the library to print disease cards

Friday Jan 24th
Meet in library (learning commons) to work on disease card
Goal is to have it printed by end of class, as well as a paper copy and works cited
Self assessment sheet distributed
Before you hand in your assignment check to make sure that you have all of the components: colour card, paper copy, works cited, brief sheet, and self assessment sheet
No more class time to work on your disease card

Wednesday Jan 22nd
Meet in library (learning commons)
Ms Birsan (counsellor) will discuss course selection for Grade 9
Begin working on building your disease card
Goal is to have it printed by end of class on Friday, as well as a paper copy and works cited

Monday Jan 20th
First people’s use of medicinal plants
The smallpox epidemic of 1862
Read article and answer questions #8-11
Questions due by Monday Jan 27th
Try to have your research on your disease done for next class
Meet in library (learning commons) Wednesday Jan 22nd

Thursday Jan 16th
Select bacterium or virus for disease card project
Continue with group assignment (3 different articles)

Tuesday Jan 14th
Select bacterium or virus for disease card project
Thinking like a scientist: superbugs
Reading article together as a class
Group article assignment (3 different articles)

Friday Jan 10th
How are pathogens transmitted? Activity: Pass it on
Discuss disease card project, make selection of invader for homework. sign up to begin next week
Continue with worksheet from last day

Wednesday Jan 8th
Play: The immune system in action
View Crash Course # 45 and 46
Start activity: White Blood Cells to the Rescue, identifying the players in our immune system

Happy New Year!
Monday Jan 6th
Introduction to body systems, specifically the immune system
Handouts: matching vocabulary and body diagrams
Video on the immune system

Happy Winter Break? See you in 2020.

Thursday Dec 19th
Viruses and Archea
Life cycle of a virus

Tuesday Dec 17th
Written cell summative

Friday Dec 13th
Practical summative: Onion cell lab

Wednesday Dec 11th
Energy for the cell: photosynthesis and cellular respiration
Prepare for onion cell lab next class

Monday Dec 9th
Collect outstanding diagrams of the cell
Continue with diffusion
Osmosis (and reverse osmosis), hyper, hypo, and isotonic solutions and their impact on the cell

Thursday Dec 5th
Hand in coloured and labelled diagram of the cell
Quiz on cell structures and their function
Moving materials in and out of the cell
Introduction to the cell membrane and cell wall
Process of diffusion

Tuesday Dec 3rd
Hand in coloured and labelled diagram of the cell next class
Practice structure and function of organelles together in preparation for quiz next class
Eggs out of corn syrup

Friday Nov 29th
Hand in colouring diagram due at beginning of class next day
Eggs out of water and into corn syrup

Wednesday Nov 27th
Bring your textbook
Learning Intentions sheet: The Lego of Life
Eggs out of vinegar and into distilled water
Plant and animal cell structure and function vocabulary and diagram/colouring sheet

Monday Nov 25th
Last class time for pond water summative
If you haven’t completed the above by the end of class you can come in during flex time. Pond water will be gone by Thursday after school.
Introduction to cells: Eggs into vinegar
Bring textbook to class next day

Thursday Nov 21st
Written microscope summative
Continue pond water summative

Tuesday Nov 19th
Return and record assignments on “record of assignments” sheet
Begin pond water summative
Remember written microscope summative on Thursday (next class)

Friday Nov 15th
Finish “How to use a microscope”
Start pond water summative if time
Written microscope summative next week on Thursday Nov 21

Wednesday Nov 13th
Continue with the ideas from last day.
Hopefully start pond water summative
Written summative next week

Thursday Nov 7th
How to use the microscope
Topics to be covered: resolving power/resolution, total magnification, how to focus, object vs image, field of view, and depth of field.
We will be working on these ideas for the next few classes.
Written summative on these are parts of the microscope week after next

Tuesday Nov 5th
Some blocks will be attending and assembly
New unit “Making things bigger”
Types of microscopes and Parts of the microscope: Handout to label
Use pages 12-13 and 499 of your textbook to help you

Friday Nov 1st
Summative: graphing and paragraphs

Wednesday Oct 30th
Summative: vocabulary and classifying

Monday Oct 28th
Review of stations activities: submit worksheets for assessment
Practice vocabulary worksheet: check for the answers poster outside of the classroom
Poster assessments returned
Summative on Wednesday (vocabulary and classifying) and Friday (graphing and paragraphs)

Wednesday Oct 23rd
Stations Activity practicing with science skills: Day 2
All activity sheets to be completed for Monday (to be handed in for assessment)

Monday Oct 21st
Stations Activity practicing with science skills: Day 1

Thursday Oct 17th
Observation vs Inference revisited
Hypothesis vs Prediction
Making models: graphing
Preparation for stations next class
Works Cited due on Friday

Tuesday Oct 15th
Characteristics of a scientist (What personal qualities make a good scientist?)
Scientific Inquiry/Scientific Method
2 types of observations: qualitative and quantitative
Manipulated and responding variables
Observations vs Inferences

Thursday Oct 10th
Welcome back from camp!
Please make sure that all outstanding assignments are completed.
Works Cited is due by next Friday
Completed “fill in the blanks” about the divisions of science
Shared posters on twigs of science

Tuesday Oct 8th
At camp Jubilee

Friday Oct 4th
All classes to meet in the regular classroom today (A105)
1-1 we will go over safety quizzes and outstanding assignments then head to the library to complete our assignment
1-2 and 1-3 we will be participating the the ELEV8 activities today
All classes: goal was to have poster printed before the weekend.
Camp next week.

Wednesday Oct 2nd
Last class in the library. Goal today is to create and print your poster and works cited.
You can access your work at home but will most likely need to come to the school library to print your poster.
We have set out goal due date for Friday Oct 4th

Monday Sept 30th
Meet in the library
“Twig” has been selected
Goal for today is to complete your research and put it into a work document.
Remember to keep track of all of your sources as you will be asked to submit a works cited as part of this project.
You can meet me in A105 during tutorial time to write you safety quiz.

Thursday Sept 26th
Meet in the library
Tour and start of project
Goal today is to pick your “twig” of science
You can start your research. Use the assignment brief sheet to make sure that you are finding the key ideas needed for your poster.
Some of you may want to meet in A105 during tutorial time to write your safety quiz.

Tuesday Sept 24th
1-1 Safety quiz
1-2,1-3 Safety quiz back
Branches/twigs of science discussion
Assignment: poster of twig of science to be done on the computers and colour printer at school
We will meet in the library (Learning Commons) on Thursday to have an orientation to the library, log on to our computers, and begin our project.

Wednesday Sept 18th
1-1 Safety symbols
All: Symbols on products and safety data sheets
1-1 Safety Quiz on Tuesday (next time we have class)
1-2,1-3 Safety Quiz today
All: Please read, share and return your signed safety agreement

Monday Sept. 16th
1-1 completed safety worksheet and used Learning Intentions sheet to self assess
1-2 and 1-3 same as above plus household, textbook and WHMIS safety symbols
Practice worksheet on WHMIS symbols to be completed for next class
If we feel we are ready we may be writing our safety quiz on Wednesday during the second half of the class.

Thursday Sept 12th
Go through Safety Activity sheet together so that all questions are answered correctly
This sheet is where most the questions on the safety quiz are taken from so it might be a good idea to spend some time reviewing this
Use your Learning Intentions sheet to track your progress
You will be expected to score 26 or higher on a 30 multiple choice question quiz
If you score below 26 you will need to re-write the quiz until you have achieved this score
The Safety Activity sheet will be submitted for completion marks the day of the quiz
Answer keys are posted outside of classroom as well

Tuesday Sept 10th
A multitude of strengths: Find someone who….. activity
Learning Intentions sheet for Safety
Begin safety unit, start safety activity worksheet and finding safety equipment in the classroom
Try to do as much of the worksheet as you can before next class

Fri Sept 6th
Collect signed course outline forms
Interpret learning/demonstrating strengths and areas for support
Create file cards and learning profile

Wed. Sept. 4th
Discuss Science 8 goal for the year
Hand out course outline, take home and get signed
Take multiple intelligence survey
Distribute textbooks