Mrs. Greig's Science Classes

What did we learn today?

   Oct 25

Science 8 Day 1

Monday Sept. 16th
1-1 completed safety worksheet and used Learning Intentions sheet to self assess
1-2 and 1-3 same as above plus household, textbook and WHMIS safety symbols
Practice worksheet on WHMIS symbols to be completed for next class
If we feel we are ready we may be writing our safety quiz on Wednesday during the second half of the class.

Thursday Sept 12th
Go through Safety Activity sheet together so that all questions are answered correctly
This sheet is where most the questions on the safety quiz are taken from so it might be a good idea to spend some time reviewing this
Use your Learning Intentions sheet to track your progress
You will be expected to score 26 or higher on a 30 multiple choice question quiz
If you score below 26 you will need to re-write the quiz until you have achieved this score
The Safety Activity sheet will be submitted for completion marks the day of the quiz
Answer keys are posted outside of classroom as well

Tuesday Sept 10th
A multitude of strengths: Find someone who….. activity
Learning Intentions sheet for Safety
Begin safety unit, start safety activity worksheet and finding safety equipment in the classroom
Try to do as much of the worksheet as you can before next class

Fri Sept 6th
Collect signed course outline forms
Interpret learning/demonstrating strengths and areas for support
Create file cards and learning profile

Wed. Sept. 4th
Discuss Science 8 goal for the year
Hand out course outline, take home and get signed
Take multiple intelligence survey
Distribute textbooks