DP11 – Our little field trip and your instructions for today.

I was really pleased with the pictures you have created on 37th. There was a buzz of activity and I saw many of you become more engaged in the theoretical and experiential process.

Also, I was inspired by your enthusiasm as I really believe that you are beginning to understand the essential concepts of aperture, shutter speed and ISO. Moreover, I really enjoyed our mini conversations regarding composition and angles to frame your pictures.

Hopefully, we will have more beautiful sun-filled days.

Adobe Lightroom 2.5 is now installed and ready to go. Please remember to bring your flash drives and external hard drives to class next day so that we can organize your photos.

Your assignment for Thursday:

Today, I would like you to watch the tutorials on the website below and experiment with Adobe Lightroom 2.5. Next day, I am going to distribute your picture for you to work on.


When you open the application, it will ask you to create a database. Please create one on your flash drive or external hard drive. Note, Lightroom does not like network drives so it will not work on your h:/ drive or s:/ drive.

I would like to leave you with this picture I took while doing a family walk a couple of weekends ago. Can you tell me where this is taken from?

by Zhi Su

by Zhi Su