DP11 – Panorama Images

Still waiting to get my lens cap back!!!

Your next assignment entails creating two panoramic images.

One needs to be length wise and the other need to be vertical as discussed in class.

You must include all the images used during the stitching process as well as the final product – cropped and corrected.

This assignment will be due at the end of the following week.


1. Capture images – remember to include half of the previous image to ensure proper stitching.

2. Upload to Lightroom or open in Photoshop CS4 – use may need to use camera raw. The former is easier to use.

3. Select images > right-click > Edit in Photoshop Photomerge.

4. Choose your desired settings and go.

5. Frame your image and title it.

6. Same in s:/ drive > Panorama