Mini 8s

By now everyone should have registered for my blog…but only three has. The beauty of technology is everything is date and time stamped so I know exactly when things are done or assignments handed in.

Today, you will need to organize you groups…no more than 5 per group. Please sign up your groups with my TOC. Choose wisely as your group with remain the same for all activities until the end of the year.

Once you have established your group, you can do one of two things or both.

1. Explore the tutorial panel of the Mindstorm NXT software installed on the laptops.

2. Research you project assignment on

As I value your ability to research on your own – a skill you will need for the future, I will only say the you need to find “Smart Move” and a pdf called “your project”.

Be good to my TOC.

Remember to shut down the laptops and put everything.