DP11 – February 24th, 2010

Go Canada Go!!!

End of term is near or rather here…make sure all your assignments have been handed in to avoid getting an “I”.

I will have your preliminary marks next week just in time for you to negotiate.

I love negotiations, that is the social studies teacher in me, but you have to formulate a great argument and come with supporting evidence.

*Don’t forget to update your Flickr portfolio as it is your culminating assignment and will be assessed as part of your year end grade*

As we move into term III, there will be more emphasis on Photoshop CS4 and retouching photographs. I have placed tutorials in the s:/ > Handout > Su_DP11 > Tutorials.

You will find these videos valuable as you hone your editing skills. There will be projects attached to these video, but for now please feel free to watch the video to gain insight into the power of Photoshop CS4. If you wish and is recommended, you can copy the videos onto your USB drives to view at home.

From now on, you will need to bring your own head phones.

DP11 1.4 – November 25th

Hi folks,

I am away at my grad like I told you. You have a quiz today, nothing you can really study for as we have been learning this for the past two months.

At 12:45pm, the quiz will appear on my blog automatically as programmed. Download the file, fill in the blanks or click on the radio button for the appropriate answer. Save as pdf and hand in to the handin folder in the s:/ handin > Su_DP11 > 1.4

As always, Last name first initial. eg John Smith is SmithJ and them quiz2. SmithJquiz2.pdf

You will be getting a different quiz than 1.2 and this quiz will actually count this time for term I.

After the quiz, you have free time. Sorry folks, no cameras.

Be good to my TOC and see you Friday.

Circle of trust, if I can trust you when I am not there than I can trust you enough to loan you our cameras.

The quiz will appear at 12:45pm on my blog.

DP11 – Nov. 19th

Hi folks,

I am away at Elementary Schools today, once again.

Okay, our next project is of course your self-portrait and this is an important one and I know it is a bit cheesy…but it is fun especially with the software we have. Before you begin, I want you to think about how you want to portray yourself. Have a look at these websites:




As always, there is no right way of making a self-portrait…it is totally up to you as it is about self-expression. Please keep in mind that I will be using the one you hand in for our web gallery.

Think about it…however, we will not be using cameras today.

Today, I would like you to think about John Oliver and why you love it. C’mon really… there must be something you really love about it. Our next project is to collect images of John Oliver for a media production for our school. Things to think about, a specific space in the building, the people, the courses, the hiding places, and etc…

That said, I want you to hand in a written assignment and put it in the handin folder.

1. Describe what it is you love.

2. In your mind’s eye (your imagination), create 5 images.

3. Talk about the significance. What story are you trying to present?

4. How are you going to create these images? with help, depth of field, noise, motion…

5. Presentation…choose your perspective, down low, in angle, up top.

The challenge is creating what you mind sees, but that it the true essence of photography. And that is composing a picture that tells a story. Have a look at this website and click on one of the essays.


In Silence is a good one, but a bit depressing.

On a different note, there are still some of you that have not handed in your pictures.

Once you have handed in your pictures and handed in your written assignment, you can have free time.

For those who have, I am pretty pleased with many of them. Well done, I should be getting your marks to you shortly.