Egg Zorb – Absorb

As a prelude to our Desination Imagination challenge, I decide to challenge my students with an oldie but a goodie for fun and some team building.

DI students and Mini 9 IT students tackle the Egg Zorb challenge. The students need to draw their team logo on their egg, then build a capsule to house the egg that will eventually go out the window and down to the ground.

Lesson Plan Outline:

Egg Zorb
Purpose: Discuss, design, plan, do. Team Building, time management, collaboration and communication.
Time Limit: 60 mins
1 – note paper
1 – design sheet
1 – egg
1 – 1 metre piece of tape
10 – 8X11 sheet of paper
1 – electronic scale
1 – tape measure
1 – metre stick

Challenge 1

Decorate your egg with your team name logo. You must do so without smudging the colour unless it is on purpose.
Make sure Mr. Su takes a picture
Challenge 2
Design your capsule.
You must present and discuss your method and rationale
Challenge 3
Weigh your egg and record all measurement
Challenge 4
Build your capsule and place the egg inside
Measure the total weight
Challenge 5
Measure height of fall

Challenge 6

Challenge 7 – Super bonus
Do the math
Force on impact
Bonus: Coefficient of friction
Some beautifully designed zorb/capsule/wrappers.
Some great discussion and team building.
Some great art.
A ton of fun!!!

Metering and Compensation

Create your photos. Follow the Making Adjustments PDF.

1. Create a quick collection with your photos.

2. You can rearrange your photos by dragging and dropping in the library module.

Go to the Web Module and select Airtight Simple Viewer.

3. Change your site title to your name photography.

4. Make sure the three metered photos and there exposure are side-by-side.

  • 3 Rows by 3 columns
  • Matrix, center-weight, a spot
  • Under-exposed, good exposure, over-exposed.

5. Change the caption to exposure.

6. Export to “firstinitiallastname-metering” to desktop.

7. Wait till the export is complete.

8. Test gallery by double-clicking on the index.html file.

9. Drag and drop to the s:/drive > Handin > Su > Photo _._ > Metering and Compensation.

Project Rome by Adobe

You need Adobe Air and you need to download it or use the web app. From initial play it looks promising. I give it a high rating for ease of use, but once again I am a super geek as you already know. Also, if you are already an Adobe user and I am, the transition is easy.

Currently, it is free for preview. Download it give it a try and we can discuss in class the different uses. Another tool for your digital media workflow.

John Oliver School App

Remember I talked about doing this, well it is done. Woohoo!!!

After a couple of months of research, planning, building and go through the Apple Developers Application process, my modest app is now live and available on the iTunes App Store. Of course, if you are an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad user, you would know that you can download over the air from you App Store App on you mobile device. Do a search for John Oliver School App.

What did I learn? If there is a will, there is a way. Very cliche, but true.

Being a life-long learner, I can tell you that you will never stop learning and the more challenging goals or projects are more rewarding. That said, I will tell you that my motto has always been “what I don’t know today, I will learn tomorrow.” In this case, it was many tomorrows. I am excited to have this done and even though there are a couple of bugs, how many schools have their own app?

You can learn almost anything you want on the internet these days, but you have to be self-directed and self-motivated.

Time, of course, is always a limiting factor, there is never enough time.

However, if you use technology effectively and efficiently to help you manage your time, you’d be surprised how much you more you can accomplish. That said, just because you can – doesn’t mean you should. Brain breaks are health for you. I am going to take a brain break for a while before I begin development on version 2.0.

Sorry, no plans for an Android or Blackberry version. But don’t let that stop you from taking the challenge.

Any takers?

REDU-Rething/Reform/Rebuild Education

LET’S REDU from Redu on Vimeo.

REDU stands for rethinking, reforming and rebuilding US education. Powered by people and technology, REDU is a movement designed to expand and encourage the national conversation around education reform by providing information and resources to learn, a community platform to connect, and tools and initiatives to act.