Web 11/12 – Greetings from Sun Peaks!

Welcome Back!

I was going to post some video, but the visibility is pretty low here so all you get is fog. Perhaps, later today.

For the next two days, I would like you to do some research. I have attached a PDF file here. Download it and complete it. For today, I would like you to survey a school website in Vancouver eg. King George, Killarney, etc. Just one.

For next day, choose a site from another district (not in Vancouver or a Private School).

Open it in Acrobat and fill in using the typewriter tool.

When you get out into the real world and especially the business world – everything is paperless and the reasons are obvious…cost…portability and search.

DP11/12 – Greetings From The Top of the World at Sun Peaks!

There is me standing in the bottom right-hand corner

Hi folks,

Welcome back to school! I hope you have all had a restful and relaxing holiday break with family and friends.

Perhaps, you may have been really nice and received a shiny new camera from Santa.

December was pretty hectic with the Holiday Madness, Joker Classic, concerts and assemblies. Many of you need a little more time to catch up and this is your opportunity. For those of you who are on pace, well done.


1. Composition #1 and #2

2. Optimize 10 pictures from Girls’ Joker Classic and 10 from Boys.

3. Draft a proposal for your eportfolio.

note: along the way I will teach you more photoshop

The next assignment will be an ongoing one and that is you eportfolio. Remember, real photographers make images not take take them. Your eportfolio will consist of 100 pictures, but they need to be contemplate and thought of in your mind.

Check this link. 365 photos in 365 days. Every picture is planned and he blogs about how they are made and the inspiration for them. Begin designing your 100 images and I will help you with tips when I get back.

For next day, I am going to take some pictures and teach you how to stitch with pictures from Sun Peaks to make a panorama.