Instructions for Wednesday

Hi all,

I am on a field trip with my senior PE class. Ms. Matheson and Ms. Jones are coming in to cover for me. Your assignment for today is to continue building and programming your robots. Also, you have to post what you accomplished today and your master plan for all your missions.

I want to know specifically what you are planning to do for each mission and in what order.

Also, you need to have a look at the presentation project

Please remember to clean everything and prep the table for the next class.

Also, shut down your computers and put everything away neatly.

Instructions for Monday

You are to continue working on your robots and your blog post for Friday. There is a lot to do so please stay on task. If you are not on task, you will have to stay in on your own time to work.

As there is a TOC in today, you are to show them the utmost respect.

Remember to put away all the kits and prepare the table for the next class.