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There will be a math test on Thursday, December 7th covering unit 4 of Math Makes Sense.  This will cover all of the lessons in this unit, and will include a mix of computation/calculation and story problems.

Here is a study guide to help you prepare for the test:

MMS5 decimals extra practice master

The following topics will be covered-

Lesson 1- write numbers to hundredths as decimals, mixed numbers/fractions, write as base ten pictures, and in words.

Lesson 2- equivalent decimals- show that decimals like 0.6 and 0.60 are equivalent using pictures, numbers, and words.

Lesson 3- compare and order decimals to hundredths.  This could include comparing decimals where one would have to consider equivalent decimals (example- the set of 0.56, 0.63, 0.5- students would have to see that 0.5=0.50)

Lesson 4- rounding decimals to the nearest whole number or nearest tenth.  Remember, if it says to round to the nearest whole number, there should not be a decimal in the answer (3 is correct, 3.0 is not).  Similarly, if it says to round to the nearest tenth, 9.4 is correct, 9.40 is not, as it has hundredths.

Lesson 5- estimating sums and differences- round numbers to the nearest whole number, then add or subtract as needed.

Lessons 6 and 7- adding and subtracting to hundredths- make sure to show all of your work and think about equivalent decimals where necessary.

Lesson 8-multiplying decimals by 10, 100

Lesson 9- dividing decimals by 10

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