Welcome to Division 4!

Social Studies

On Wednesday, February 21st, division 4 will have a quiz on the Canadian Government with a focus on the Federal Government.  You know that is quite a tough test, so you will need to start studying early.

Everything in the government booklet is fair game, including small details like how many ridings there are in Canada or how long an election campaign lasts.   You should have corrected any errors that you made in you comprehension questions while we marked in class so that you would have the correct information to study.  If you did not do this, or if you missed some sections, it it your responsibility to ask a friend for corrections or ask Ms. Williston to help you.


This test is a mix of multiple choice, true/false, fill in the blank (no word bank) and sentence answer.  You will not have to be able to spell everything correctly, but it should be close enough that it’s clear what you meant.  For the sentence answer questions, be prepared to explain how things work, for example how a bill becomes a law or how someone from another country becomes a Canadian citizen.

You will be given some time in class to study, but do not rely on class time to do all of your studying.  It is expected that you will start studying for this test early.

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