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Science Test- information to study

There will be a test on the circulatory and excretory systems on Wednesday, December 16th.  You should study your note-taking package, chapter 5 in Science Probe 5, and the worksheets that were done throughout the unit.  All of the information in these places is fair game for the test!

The test has 5 sections:

  • multiple choice
  • true/false questions
  • fill-in-the blank type questions (spelling will not count in this section, but it should be close)
  • labelling a diagram of either the circulatory or excretory system (spelling with count in this section, but grade 4s will be given a word bank to help them).
  • full sentence questions where you will be expected to clearly explain your thinking using scientific language learned in the unit.

Your Body’s Transportation System (5.1 and notes):

Basic job of the circulatory system (moves oxygen and carbon dioxide through the body, protects against sickness, made of blood, heart and blood vessels)

The Job of Your Heart (5.2 and notes):

How the heart works, the different parts of the heart, how blood moves through the circulatory system, where blood carries oxygen and carbon dioxide, how arteries and veins are similar and different, what happens at capillaries

Your Blood and What It Does (5.3 and notes)

What plasma is and what it’s made of, the 3 different types of blood cells and their jobs, what hemoglobin is and how it helps our body carry oxygen, what happens when the blood cells get to the body’s other cells (use the word membrane to explain how oxygen leaves the blood cell), what else is transported in the blood (hormones, nutrients, wastes)

Getting Rid of Wastes Through Your Blood (5.5 and notes)

Explain how different wastes are taken out of the body, how the excretory system filters blood, how it makes sure there’s the right amount of water in the body, the job of each part of the excretory system (kidneys, ureter, bladder).

How the Circulatory System Interacts with Other Body Systems (5.6 and notes)

Explain how respiratory system, digestive system and excretory system work with the circulatory system.



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    Hey Ms.Willstion its Asia from the hockey rink and i forgot to brung my lesson 8 science please post lesson 8 so i can finish science. Thanks

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    I’m working on it now.

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