Welcome to Division 4!

December 14, 2017

Home Reading 20 mins

Vocabulary- Friday

Math p. 18-18 #1-3, 6-7- Friday

Bring stuff for math project

Math project is due tomorrow at lunch!


Math test is on Wednesday

Next week is a busy one.  Below is a list of planned activities.  Parents are welcome to come and take part!

Monday- Magee’s choir is coming to sing to the school at 9:10 in the gym.  1:40-3:00  Students will decorate their gingerbread houses in the class.

Tuesday- 9:00-9:45  Holiday singalong in the gym.   1:30-2:30- we will be helping our buddies, Mrs. Brown’s class, with their gingerbread houses.

Wednesday- Math test on unit 1.  This is a very short unit (4 lessons only)  Study materials will be up on the blog in the coming days.

Thursday- 11:00 am in the gym- Our division will be hosting the winter assembly.  There will be a singalong and the band will play.  Our division is planning to share our math projects with the school.  The school will be having a Spirit Day.  Students are invited to wear their pyjamas, bring stuffed animals and blankets, and after lunch, they will be watching The Polar Express in the gym.

Friday- we will be making our centrepieces at 9:00am in the gym.  We will have a small celebration and have time to play some board games, etc. after lunch (1:40) on Friday.

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