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Vancouver District Science Fair 

February 26 to March 1, 2024

Microsoft Teams & Langara College

The Vancouver District Science Fair is a hybrid fair — participants present their projects in both virtual and in-person settings. VDSF is intended for students who attend public school in Vancouver (SD #39). If you are a VSB student, keep reading as the info on this blog applies to you! If you are not a VSB student, please refer to the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair website or nearest regional science fair website instead.


Find VDSF on Instagram (@vdsf.projects2024) and Linktree (https://linktr.ee/vdsf.projects).

If you are a student, find out how science fair works at your school first, especially if you are doing an independent project. Not sure who to ask? See this list of VDSF teacher contacts.

If you are a teacher, ask to join the VDSF teachers group chat on Microsoft Teams. Your department’s VDSF contact can connect you to the VDSF coordinator.

If you are a judge, read our info for judges and check your e-mail for an invitation in November.


Students — Send your questions to the VDSF coordinator at vdsfprojects@vsb.bc.ca. Questions related to ethics approval should be addressed to the regional ethics reviewer (vdsfethics@gvrsf.ca) and also include the VDSF coordinator, teacher sponsor, and project partner.

Teachers — Send your questions to the VDSF coordinator on Microsoft Teams via the group chat or direct message.

Judges — Send inquiries to the Chief Judge at vdsfjudges@vsb.bc.ca.


[Last updated: Sept. 27, 2023]