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Vancouver District Science Fair

That’s a wrap for VDSF 2022! Thank you to all students, mentors, and teacher supervisors — without your curiosity, hard work, and support there would be no district science fair.

Congratulations to all participants and good luck to those heading to the regional fair!

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The Vancouver District Science Fair is only open to students who attend a public school in Vancouver (SD #39).  Students from other schools are directed to the Greater Vancouver Regional Science Fair website at http://gvrsf.ca.


Students, send your questions to the VDSF coordinator at vdsfprojects@vsb.bc.ca. Questions about ethics approval should also include the GVRSF ethics coordinator (vdsfethics@gvrsf.ca).

IMPORTANT! Students doing an independent project should notify their Science teacher or department head as early as possible. If you are working with an outside mentoring program, you still need a teacher supervisor.

Judges, please send your questions to the Chief Judge at vdsfjudges@vsb.bc.ca.

Teachers, please contact the VDSF coordinator via e-mail or Microsoft Teams.