For a short month, it sure is busy!!


February holds, I believe, the most celebrations, events, observations of all the months.  We start off with February being Black History month.  Many classes have been exploring the many learning resources & literature showcased in our library.

We then celebrated the Lunar New year with Lion Dances, class celebrations and we held our annual Multicultural Celebration which was held last Friday.  Special thanks needs to be given to our Neighbourhood Assistant Molly, along with the staff, community and parent teams who supported the event.  Also to be highlighted was the hugely successful movie night for families held by our PAC.  Everyone enjoyed coming together for this family event.  Leading up to Valentines Day, our PAC (busy group!) were selling cards and treats for children and staff to send to each other.  They sold over 1000 messages!

Valentines Day saw our office and main hall

Wearing our Valentine red.

adorned for the second time.  Nazim, one of our engineer team members has been decorating the school throughout the seasons for countless years!  We are so appreciative as it brightens up your day as you enter the school – who couldn’t help but smile as you enter a building filled with hearts festively dangling from the ceiling!

Carnivale was celebrated throughout the day on the 22nd, music, dance, the Maple Man were all part of the fun!  February also marks a special day as 100 days of school have unfolded!  Happy 100 days of learning, engaged students, great reads, school and community celebrations…..and the list goes on and on.  I wish I could even slightly capture the powerful love of learning, growth and community that takes place each and every day at our school – I hope that your children come home every day as ignited as we do every day!

Let’s look forward to February 27th – Pink Day.  Join us for our assembly at 11:00 where children will be sharing their thoughts about taking a stand against bullying,  along with the immense power of kind acts and paying them forward throughout the year.