Butterflies all around Strathcona

image-68Raising butterflies is an amazing experience for children to witness the wonder of metamorphosis firsthand in their own classrooms.  Many of our classrooms hosted these butterflies this year!  When the butterflies arrived in the classrooms, they were a few days old.  The children tended to them and watched them grow over the course of a few weeks, as they moved from chrysalis to butterflies.  After observing and learning about the butterflies over the course of a week,the children released the butterflies in our garden and watched them flutter off. This is most certainly a learning experience not to be forgotten.image-60 image-62 image-59 image-57 image-54 image-53 image-56 image-66 image-65 image-63 photo-100  photo-101 photo-105 photo-104 photo-103

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