Sports Day Fun

IMG_1872Every school celebrates its own form of sports day and the children very longingly look forward to the day.  May is marked for the occasion, as at this time, the weather is cooperative for most parts.  This year was no exception, the rains held out until lunch was served!

Weeks before the sports day. the staff are planning the races, putting the teams together and the children begin to practice by revisiting all of their old favourite races!  There is a great deal of tradition at Strathcona and some of the races are ones that have been around for years!  On Friday, the classes all gathered either in MacLean Park or the auditorium to start the day off with enthusiastic cheers to begin the rest of the day’s events.

The smiles throughout the day spoke volumes.  Everyone enjoyed the day, cheered each other on, and did their very best.  Huge thanks goes out to our staff Sports Day planners who brought this all together into one fun-filled day!IMG_2093 IMG_2098 IMG_2105 IMG_2122 IMG_2124 IMG_2136


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