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I’m always cautious around the word ‘Resolution’ as it implies the possibility of not having been ‘best at’ whatever you are resolving to accomplish.  Nontheless, be it a reflection or revisitation or resurgence…I am resolving to read more this year!  Not only do I want to be reading more…young adult books, picture books, professional books, personal reading….I also want to find more opportunities to share and talk about books.  If we want to be part of a community of passionate readers, we have to walk the talk!

Here goes:

My 2013 Reading Resolutions are:

1. Take time to track my reading.   I’ve started to track this year’s reads through Goodreads – a great site for sharing.  I’ll also find ways of sharing with students, parents and staff beyond my blog.

2. Be part of many reading circles:  

  • as a member of a book club with great long time friends.
  • in classrooms
  • as a member with Strath kids who’d like to start their own book club and invite me to take part
  • as a teacher among other teachers
  • as a parent among other parents

3. Have family ‘turn off the screen & read time’ with my family. With iPads, iPods, video games, tv, computer engagement in our home – we are not finding ourselves reading the way we used to – me especially!!  We’ve promised to get back to ‘unplugging’ and reading each evening, reading aloud, sharing titles, reading alone and tracking our reads together as a family who loves books.

OK – here’s the brave part…..

4.  Read 232 1/2 books.  (365 days this year and a book a day didn’t seem possible….)  As I created my account on Goodreads today, it was humbling to only put my 13 titles on the page….what about the other 1000’s of titles I’ve read!!  Be that as it may, my titles will include picture books, young adult books, my own personal reading – novels,  professional books, and hopefully, I’ll add some more specific challenges for myself around exploring some new genres, new authors, and expanding my collection of beautiful books.

Happy reading to all!

One thought on “Reading Resolution

  1. Wow!!!!! I am very impressed and grateful for your message! Reading for me is like a work out in the sense that i always feel great after doing it but for some reason it is always pushed down my list of importance when life gets busy.
    I can’t wait to hear about some of the books you read and i am hoping i can follow suit and make reading in my home a much bigger priority!

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