What to read next?

True (…sort of) by Katherine Hannigan

I don’t usually read two books by the same author back-to-back. There are SO MANY books out there to read and I often want to move on to something new. However, when I finished Ida B by Katherine Hannigan and looked around for what to read next, I found myself choosing another book by the same author.

This story is unrelated to Ida B but still has Hannigan’s style. I appreciated the way she wrote about Delly, who starts to doubt that she is a good person because of how often she gets into trouble. It made me think of people I know who get into trouble a lot at school.

True (… sort of) is about Delly, who seems to fall into trouble more easily than she falls out of bed. Her heart is often in the right place and her spirit for adventure is strong but she acts before thinking about how her actions might look to others. This tendency tends to land her in hot water.
One day a new kid shows up in her class. Ferris Boyd is a mystery, but is maybe the only person who can save Delly from her terrible tendency for trouble. The problem is that Ferris Boyd may have a way deeper set of troubles than Delly can imagine.

What to read next?

Ida B by Katherine Hannigan

Ida B lives with her parents in her valley with her apple trees and her mountain and everything is perfect. Suddenly, everything changes. Ida’s mama gets sick and promises are broken and Ida’s heart turns small, and hard, and cold.

This story is told from Ida B’s perspective. Her voice and personality fill every part of the book and she made me laugh more than once. I really liked the way author Katherine Hannigan described Ida B’s emotions. The descriptions of how Ida B interprets the events in her life and her reactions to them are unlike other stories and seem very honest.

You will like Ida B. if you like quirky and independent characters who create their own adventures.

What to Read Today?

Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan

Willow Chance is very, very smart. She has just started middle school when her life is turned upside down. Now she has to figure out how she is going to continue to go on living when nothing seems that important anymore. Luckily, hope comes from the oddest places.
7 reasons to read this novel (from the book jacket): Friendship, Oddballs, Hobbies, Laughing and Crying, Miracles, Family, and Willow Chance.