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ANNEX HAPPENINGS A HUGE thank you to January Vandale and her team of parents who transformed our school grounds into a magical pumpkin field.  The students loved doing various activities out in the field and especially picking their pumpkins.  The…

Hallowe’en Fun at Kerrisdale Annex

Kerrisdale Annex Pumpkin Patch

For those families who have been at the Annex for a few years now you know it is a tradition for the whole school to visit the Pumpkin Patch in the Fall.  Of course, with the pandemic right now that is not possible but don’t fear, the Pumpkin Patch is coming to us!  We have some special pumpkin faeries that will be magically growing pumpkins in our field for students to “pick” on Tuesday, October 26.  Teachers have some special activities planned for the week.  Students will be taking their pumpkins home on Friday.  We are asking parents for $5.00 to cover the cost of the pumpkin as well as art supplies to decorate the pumpkins with.  You can pay through SchoolCash Online.  Please do not send cash with your child to school.



Friday, October 30


As with a lot of things, Hallowe’en will also look different this year.  Students are still encouraged to dress up in their costumes on Friday but please be sensitive to the fact that costumes should not make fun of human traits, identities, cultures or race.  Below are a few health & safety reminders to also be aware of:

  • No Hallowe’en masks – consider make-up instead. We do not want students wearing face masks under Hallowe’en masks
  • No plastic weapons, props or other things that are part of a costume that could be used as a weapon
  • Make sure your child’s costume is either something that they can wear all day or that they can easily put on and take off themselves. Teachers will not be able to assist students with their costumes this year.
  • No candy, treats or goodies for classmates – if your child really wants to give all their classmates something, consider making a card (just like Valentine’s Day).

Teachers are planning a special “on-line” Hallowe’en parade so all the students can see each other’s costumes safely.

Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions.


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