ABOUT Kerrisdale Annex

Located in a naturally beautiful and quiet setting on the northern edge of Malkin Park, Kerrisdale Elementary School Annex is just a few blocks southwest of Kerrisdale Elementary School, for which we are the Kindergarten to Grade 2 English feeder school.

Kerrisdale Annex is a safe learning environment where students and staff are welcoming and inclusive. The Annex Code of Conduct is “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Fair” which is how we conduct ourselves in all areas of school life. Students do their best to learn; play safely; take care of each other; and respect the environment.

Parents work as active partners within our school with a focus on developing healthy, engaged attitudes in our students.  We encourage our parents to engage in many activities and initiatives that happen at the Annex throughout the school year.

We hope you enjoy reading about these learning opportunities and all the amazing things that happen at our school.