September 2021 Updates


We are excited to begin another school year at Kerrisdale Annex. Even though we continue to be in a global pandemic, it is our wish that students, teachers, and staff have an enjoyable and fulfilling year together.  We will continue to keep you updated through email and our school website.  If you have not visited our school website, please take a minute to do so.  Please be sure to inform the school of any updates to your phone number and email address.


New Staff at Kerrisdale Annex

We had to say goodbye to several staff members in June, but we are looking forward to getting to know our new staff this school year:

Jennifer Jones and Elaine Ong are joining us to teach our Kindergarten students.

Lyndsay Campbell will be teaching our grade one students this year while Ms. Merrifield is on maternity leave.

Jacqueline Allen is our new school counsellor.


Traffic Around Kerrisdale Annex

You are strongly encouraged to park 2-3 blocks away from the school and walk in to drop off and pick up your child to avoid accidents near our school.  There is increased traffic around the school as our neighbouring school has staggered drop-off and pick-up times.  Both schools are encouraging parents to walk into school to limit the amount of traffic in the area.  We truly appreciate your support with this.


Arrive on Time, Leave on Time

With our Health & Safety protocols it is more important than ever to drop off and pick up your children from school on time.

Morning: 9:00am – 12:05pm

Recess: 10:50am – 11:10am

Lunch: 12:05pm – 12:52pm

Afternoon: 12:52pm – 3:03pm


Dress for the Weather

As the outdoors are the lowest risk environment for the transmission of COVID-19, we will be encouraging teachers to head outside as much as possible this year. This will be in all kinds of weather so please ensure your child has rain gear when necessary. An extra set of clothes is also helpful in case your child gets wet in the day. Recess and lunch time will be outdoors in all weather.  To help with ventilation in the classrooms we will be opening classroom doors more frequently too so please ensure your child brings a sweater or light jacket.


School Cash Online

The VSB uses School Cash Online at Kerrisdale Annex as its preferred method of payment for school fees.  This secure system helps parents/guardians and community members pay school-related fees safely, quickly, and easily online.  You will be receiving detailed instructions that outline how to register and create your profile if you have not used this system before.  Please read the documents carefully and let us know if you have any questions.  You can also find information on our school website.

Thank you so much for your cooperation!



If your child is going to be away from school, please call the office at (604) 713-5488 and leave a message and we will inform your child’s teacher.  If you know in advance your child will be absent for a day or so, please notify the office before the child is away.


Student Pick-up/ Drop-off

Students are never to leave the school property without a permitted adult.  Only designated adults that are indicated on your child’s emergency contact form will be allowed to pick-up your child. Children in Kindergarten to grade two are to be picked up at the designated door assigned by your child’s classroom teacher.  If you need to pick up your child early or take them out of school, please call the office and we will arrange for you to pick-up your child at the doors nearest the office.  As part of our Health & Safety plan, no adults are allowed in the school.

If you are late arriving to school, please call the school office and come to the doors by the office (north side sidewalk).

All students must be picked up at 3:03pm.  Families are asked to leave the school grounds after picking up your child to avoid crowding on the school grounds.



If your child has a medical condition requiring medication that must be administered at school, a parent will need to fill out a Request for Administration of Medication at School.  We also have a form for those requiring a Medical Care Plan such as administration of an EPI PEN.  Students are never to self-administer medication at school and all medication must be stored in the office.  This includes “over the counter” medications as well as prescription medications.  Please contact the office for these forms if your child has a medical condition.

Parents are reminded that medication cannot be administrated by school staff until these forms are completed.  Staff are trained by the Community Health Nurse for the administration of medication as well as an EPI PEN in case of an emergency.


Nut Aware

We discourage students from bringing products containing nuts to Kerrisdale Annex. If your child has a nut allergy, please let the office and the classroom teacher know.


Play First Lunch at Kerrisdale Annex

“Play First Lunch” is a change in the traditional scheduling order of lunchtime and playtime. As the name implies, students go out to play first and then come back in to the school to eat lunch. Benefits that have been noticed by schools  adopting Play First lunch are:

Improved student behaviour on the playground and in the classroom.

Students are more relaxed and focused on eating rather than thinking about getting outside to play.

Less litter on the school ground and inside the school.

More food eaten; increased fluid intake.

Students return to the classroom more quickly and are settled and ready to learn when they finish eating.


Please provide a healthy snack for your child for recess so they have energy to play at lunch.


Upcoming Dates

Friday September 24, 2021         Professional Day- No school for students

Thursday September 30, 2021    National Day for Truth and Reconciliation- School not in session


We will be sending out information on our Terry Fox run and Orange Shirt day soon. Please look for future posts!