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Monday is our last day of class.  Please bring your completed plant observation log.  Paste your pictures into a word document and email it to me with your name and block in the subject line.

Wednesday, June 6th
We started the blood spatter lab today.  We’ll complete it on Friday.

Thursday, May 31st
1-1 did the microscope lab and those people who missed it in 1-2. The rest watched CSI Bite Me…questions are due next class.

Tuesday, May 29th
1-2 worked in the garden and 1-1 did a blood microscope lab.  The lab is due next class.

Wednesday, May 23rd
We finished the maggots and murder lab…it is due next class.

Thursday, May 17th
We worked on Of Maggots and Murder lab…we will start blood spatter next week!

Tuesday, May 15th
We weeded the garden in Block 1-2 and we finished Sherlock in Block 1-1.

Friday, May 11th
Due to half the class missing (field trip) we started Sherlock – His Last Vow.  We’ll finish it and the Of Maggots and Murder lab next class.

Wednesday, May 9th
We thinned out our indoor plants and started the Of Maggots and Murder lab!

Monday, May 7th
We started learning about entomology.  We’ll work on the lab next class.

Thursday, May 3rd
We’ve done so much since April 11th!  I will collect your Forensic show questions and Identifying Fingerprints Labs on Monday.  Don’t forget to Observe your plant at home on Sunday and take a picture.  We’ll continue looking after the vegetable garden next week.

Forensic Science & How Criminals Hide Their Crimes

Wednesday, April 11th
Today we worked on lifting fingerprints!  We’ll finish the lab later in class.

Monday, April 9th
Today we finished Sticky Fingers Part II.  Part I and Part II are due at the start of next class.

Thursday, April 5th
Today we started Sticky Fingers Part II and browsed the seed guides.

Tuesday, April 3rd
Today we started fingerprinting and visited the garden.

Thursday, March 15th
Today we finished the Empty Hearse Questions.  They are due on April 3rd.

Friday, March 9th
Today we answered the Black Mirror questions.  We will be watching Sherlock S03E01.

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