Math 8

FINAL EXAM: Tuesday, June 19th  (2-4 at 8:40am and 2-3 at 12:20pm)

Monday, June 11th
Your probability quiz was today.  We started Ch 1 and Ch 2 in your review package.

Wednesday, May 30th
Please finish your Tiremaker Worksheet (front and back) and Section 7.6 Q7 & 8.

Monday, May 28th
We worked on your Rock-Paper-Scissors Lab.  It is due next class.

Thursday, May 24th
We’ll continue working on your Rock-Paper-Scissors Lab next class.

Tuesday, May 22nd
Finish your misleading graphs worksheets.  CYU Q1-9.

Wednesday, May 16th
Your graph assignment is due next Tuesday.  Don’t forget to staple your Data Table with Questions to the front.

Monday, May 14th
HW:  Section 7.3 Q1-3, 7-8 and 10-11

Thursday, May 10th
HW:  Section 7.2 Q1-12, NOT Q3

Friday, May 4th
Today we went to Oak Park to collect data for our graphs (next week).  Your completed data table and questions are due on Thursday, May 10th.

Monday, April 30th
Today we started Data Tables.  Your homework is due on Friday:  Section 7.1 Q1-4

Thursday, April 26th
HW:  Section 3.7 Q1a-h, Q2a-f, Q3a-d, Q4-7

Tuesday, April 24th
Your Washington/Monster Mysteries WS is due next class.

Friday, April 20th
We learned about triangles today.  Your triangles and angles worksheets are due next class.

Thursday, April 12th
We started geometry today.  The workbook is not for homework but please bring it to class next week.  Don’t forget that your Surface Area and Volume Quiz, is on Monday, April 16th.

Tuesday, April 10th
Block 2-4 had a Grade Assembly but 2-3 reviewed for the Surface Area and Volume Quiz, which is on Monday, April 16th.  Make sure you have a calculator with a PI button on it.

Friday, April 6th
We learned about finding the volume of cylinders.  Your Trivia Test WS and Section 3.6 Q1,2 and 6 is due next class.

Wednesday, April 4th
We learned about finding the surface area of cylinders.  Your Humpty Dumpty worksheet is due next class.

Wednesday, March 14th
HAPPY PI DAY!!  We learned about volume in prisms.  Please finish your worksheet (front AND back) for April 4th.  Show all your work on lined paper!

Monday, March 12th
Today we continued working on surface area.  Please finish Section 3.2 Q1 and 2 in the workbook for Wednesday.

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