Science 10

FINAL EXAM:  Thursday, June 21st  (2-2 at 8:40am and 2-1 at 12:20pm)

Monday, June 11th
We finished the Martian.  Your questions are due by the end of class.  We will continue review for your Final Exam on Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 30th
We looked at the life cycle of stars.  Your Hertzsprung-Russell mini-lab is due next class.  Don’t forget to finish your Formation of Stars assignment.

Monday, May 28th
Last class to work on the formation of stars assignment.  It is due on Friday.

Tuesday, May 24th
We learned about the formation of stars.  We’ll continue working on your comic next class.  Please finish your Exploring the Early Universe worksheets for Monday.

Tuesday, May 22nd
We caught up on all our work and did an Expanding Universe Mini-Lab.  Your Origin Story chart and questions and your Mini-Labs are due on Thursday.  The Expanding Universe worksheets will be due on Monday.

Monday, May 14th
Space!  We learned about Origin Stories from around the world!  You will work on your summaries and questions as bellwork on Wednesday.

GENETICS TEST – Thursday, May 10th

Monday, April 30th
We looked at evolution and adaptations.  Please finish the Aquatic Adaptations worksheet for next class.

Thursday, April 26th
Candy Evolution Lab!  Please complete the questions for the first lab activity only (natural selection).  We’ll finish the rest next week.

Tuesday, April 24th
Eat Like a Bird Lab!  Your lab is due next class (one per group).

Friday, April 20th
We talked about mutations and you each drew a different bee by following the codons you were given.  Your bee and questions are due next class.

Thursday, April 12th
Your Alien Babies homework is due next class.  Staple the group genotype charts to each individual drawing and description of the alien family.  Make sure your names are on them!

Tuesday, April 10th
The Review Sheet should have been handed in this class…if it wasn’t, do it tomorrow!  Please finish Spongebob Genetics 2 and Develop Your Skill for Thursday.

Wednesday, April 4th
Please finish your Punnett Square worksheet for next class.  And get your Playland forms signed!

Friday, March 16th
Your mini-labs were handed in today!  We’ll start Punnett Squares when we come back from Spring Break!

Wednesday, March 14th
HAPPY PI DAY!!  We learned about Mendel’s experiments and did a mini-lab.  Your mini-lab is due next class.  Please bring back your signed Physics Quiz!

Monday, March 12th
We started Genetics today!  Please finish the reading and questions for Wednesday.

This teacher has posted most of the Science Probe 10 book online…here