Overview 2021 – 2022

Career Life Connections (CLC) 12 is intended to support and guide students in purposeful and ongoing career-life development.  In this course students learn how to recognize and cultivate relevant opportunities and supportive relationships, and continually re-evaluate and revise their plans that they began in Career Life Education10.  Emphasis in CLC 12 is put on students developing self-awareness and becoming life-long learners who understand that one’s interests may develop and change over time, but that being continually aware of one’s self-identity will shape current and future career and life choices.

CLC 12 / Capstone is MANDATORY for graduation.
Please note that information, reminders, and updates will be posted using the following modes of communication:

  • CLC 12 Teams
  • CLC 12 Blog
  • MyEd contact email AND student#@learn.vsb.bc.ca email

You are responsible for checking your MS-Teams account and your email on a consistent basis.


 Career Life Transition Plan

  • Resume (current and error free)
  • Preparation of Capstone Project Proposal
  • Post Secondary investigation
  • Progress Meeting for Capstone Project
  • Complete Capstone Project and prepare presentation
  • Career Life Exploration 30 hour requirement log and signed verification form
  • Capstone presentations

Career-life Exploration 30 hour Requirement

Students must provide evidence that they have completed at least 30 hours in any of the following ways:

  • 30 hours of volunteering in the community (this is separate from volunteering in the school)
  • 30 hours of paid employment
  • 30 hours of field work, entrepreneurship, or projects focused on an area of deep interest.
  • Successful completion of Work Experience 11 AND Work Experience 12

(NOTE: any hours that you have completed after completing Grade 10 can be used to fulfill this requirement.)


Interim report card November 2021. Mid-Year report card TBD. Final report end of June. Final mark based on ALL work for this course. All assignments worth 40% and Capstone project and presentation is 60%.

At any time during the year, an I (incomplete) standing will be issued if you are not up-to-date with the submission of the required assignments.


  • D. Bylsma          (dbylsma@vsb.bc.ca)                            Room 336
  • T. Quan               (tquan@vsb.bc.ca)                                 Room 137
  • M. Waterman   (mwaterman@vsb.bc.ca)                     Room 149
  • *T. Tuson             (ttuson@vsb.bc.ca)                               Room 149/203

* please note that Ms. Tuson will be Ms. Byrne’s substitute for semester one

Teacher availability — to be discussed during our meeting times

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