Welcome to Kindergarten!

We have already been in class for one week, and Wednesday, September 13, 2017 is our first full day of school!  Over the last week, we have already read several stories together. I believe books are a great way to extend oral language for students and to also introduce new concepts.

On the first day of school, we read Chicka Boom Boom and also sang Pete the Cat’s version of The Wheels on the Bus.
We made our own Kissing Hands that are displayed outside the classroom door.
We read about two different cats. Cookie constantly gets into mischief. Pete the Cat has the best attitude for life. According to Pete, “no matter what you step in, keep walking along and singing your song, because it’s all good.”
We are starting to review important ideas that keep us safe and healthy at school. Today, we talked about how to share and take turns. We also reviewed that although we share many things, “Germs are not for sharing!”
We reviewed that “Hands are not for hitting” and each day, we also sing and chant several nursery rhymes. These rhymes and songs help students to develop their working memories and also gain phonological awareness. One important skill is to learn how to recognize and generate rhyming words.


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