UBC Nutrikids

We have been fortunate enough to have UBC students come and volunteer to teach us about healthy eating.  Our December activity was to make a healthy snowman out of banana slices, pretzel sticks, pomegranate seeds, currants for eyes and a tiny carrot slice for a nose.  Here is a collage of our edible snow people.

Building with Blocks

Our students have been building increasingly complex structures with wooden blocks.  In December, we started using Keva planks that are all uniform in shape and size.  I once asked whether that would restrict creativity by using blocks that are all the same. Now I know that the opposite happens.  Instead of searching for a particular piece, students are focussed on thinking about what they are building and how they will build it.  Keva towers are taller than the children, and we taking slow-motion videos as we knock down the towers.  I will include new photos of Keva towers after we go back to school this week.