Duck, Duck, Dinosaur!

On June 7, Kallie George, a children’s author, came to visit Thunderbird School. She also brought enough copies of her book to share with all the students from Division 6, 7, 8 and 9!  All the students have an autographed copy of Duck, Duck, Dinosaur!

THANK YOU to the Bank of Montreal volunteers for reading with our students! This event was made possible due to a partnership with First Book.

A big THANK YOU to Ms. Rudden, our teacher-librarian, for organizing this event!


Ms. Kallie George inspired us with her personal story as a kid who grew up loving books.   She encouraged all of us to write and write some more, and to have fun doing it!

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I love teaching kindergarten and I have had the privilege of working at Thunderbird School since 2004.

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